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Eleven Must-Read Newsletters for Entrepreneurs

Axios Future

What it is: A daily newsletter from Axios on developments in today's most buzzworthy topics, from automation to blockchain to the gig economy.

Why we love it: All of Axios's newsletters are designed for on-the-go trendsetters with limited attention spans. Everything you need to know about the latest news is encapsulated within the email (although there are links to more info if you've got the time).

CB Insights

What it is: A free newsletter that covers VC funding, M&A, new patents and other bellwethers of tech industry shifts -- and makes them relatable through mentions of vampires, March Madness and other cultural touchstones (about four days/week).

Why we love it: You read a lot about AI, blockchain, VR and emerging tech from the perspective of an analyst spewing anecdotes. CB Insights, on the other hand, has the data to back up its claims, which it presents in an entertaining style. No seriously, you don't glaze over: It's anything but dry.


What it is: Business, finance and tech news and their impact on people of color. 

Why we love it: Offers great insights and a point of view you don't always get from other news sources. For instance, in a story about the battle between Apple, Netflix and Amazon for streaming dominance, you'll learn that African Americans are having an increasing influence on these platforms' content because, as the writer explains, 'Black people stream videos more frequently on all devices than the total U.S. population, according to Nielsen.'"

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