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Four Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook comprises more than 2.27 billion users. Such a significant number of users means businesses can’t afford to ignore the platform’s impact on their marketing strategies or their customers and consumers.

While it’s true that a Facebook page shouldn’t be used in place of a website, it’s important to remember that, like your website, your Facebook page can get ranked in Google search results. Here’s how you can give your Facebook page and posts a competitive edge that increases your visibility:

Combine your business name and keyword for an optimized page name

Choosing the right name for your Facebook business page is the first key to success. If your business has a unique identifier, doesn’t share a common word, or is an established brand, such as Ben & Jerry’s (the ice cream company), you can use your business name as the page name.

If, however, your business is new or niched, a more strategic approach is required. People who are researching a purchase online are more likely to use keywords instead of brand names when they perform a search.

Rather than relying solely on your actual business name for the name of your Facebook page, combine your business name with a keyword or keyword phrase that denotes the products or services your company provides to its customers.

Create deliberate search snippets in your About section

When a person has newly discovered your brand and business, they don’t often know anything about you. That’s why you should fully complete all of the fields in your Facebook page’s About section.

But there’s another aspect of importance to completing the About section: The text you provide there can be used to form snippets that show up in both Facebook and Google search results.

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