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How Millennials are Marketing to Gen Z

If the majority of working adults can be classified as millennial, how are they marketing their businesses to the next generation? Those born after 1995, known as Gen Z, have grown up completely surrounded by technology, making traditional marketing efforts relatively useless. In order to capture the attention of the next generation, you have to be creative.

Here are a few examples of the ways millennial business owners are capturing the attention of today’s young adults:

Building cult brands

One similarity between millennials and Gen Z is that they believe in brand loyalty. If a company is able to push beyond brand loyalty into cult brand territory, there’s no stopping them.

Creating cult loyalty to a brand means your customers will care more about your brand than they do about most other things. To get there, you must build a solid relationship with your audience, paired with excellent tracking, to meet and anticipate the needs of your buyers. If you are able to give them what they want, you can bet they will return to you in the future.

Social media ads and influencer marketing

If you are trying to get the attention of Gen Z, stop focusing your efforts on television and magazine ads. This generation does not consume media in this way. They live online. If you can build a creative ad that pops up in their social media feeds and captures their attention in a split second, you might secure a few purchases. If you can have an “influencer” prove your product’s worth to thousands of followers, you might just find yourself a gold mine.

Influencer marketing involves using an individual who has gained a cult following due to their job, posts and infectious personality. These individuals share content, potentially including your product, service or business, with their thousands - sometimes millions - of followers, influencing the purchases these followers make. Because influencers are not necessarily Hollywood celebrities with millions of followers and dollars, Gen Z feels they can relate with these real people and aspire to be them. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the products they use. A good influencer will not make it feel like an advertisement, instead, they will create something more like a sneak peek.

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