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Lead a Winning Sales Team With Counterintuitive Thinking

There is no shortage of sales tips - what to sell, when to sell, what to say, what not to say. However, like almost every other aspect of business, sales is constantly transforming as a result of new technology, and many “fail-proof” sales assumptions aren’t necessarily valid.

As the way that we build and maintain relationships evolves, so should our approach to sales. To unlock the true potential power of your sales team, challenge traditional thinking. Following are a few areas to consider.

Rethink the salesperson profile
Age-old wisdom tells us that to succeed in sales, you must be outgoing and thrive in social situations. However, studies over the years have shown that the link between extroversion and sales performance is not as strong as we may think. Introverts possess a number of qualities that can bring a great deal of value to a sales team. Their strong listening skills and preference for building long-lasting relationships can help build a foundation of trust with prospects and enhance existing customer relationships.

Rethink growth avenues
It’s no secret that building personal relationships with customers is key to retention, but salespeople may underestimate just how far that can go. Accenture found that purchasing decisions are greatly impacted by personalization factors, and customers who are recognized and offered relevant recommendations are 75 percent more likely to buy from a company again. When salespeople and client managers truly get to know their customer’s industry, business and their day-to-day needs, opportunities often abound to capture incremental revenue from existing customers by solving not only the most pressing challenges, but those that are boiling under the surface.

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