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Refreshing Your Brand Doesn't Mean Starting Over

From gourmet cupcakes and cronuts to on-demand delivery and instant order fulfillment, customers are always onto the next new and exciting thing. In order to compete, it may seem like you need to constantly reinvent yourself, but that’s just not true. There are ways to make impactful changes that resonate with your customers without starting from scratch.

Refresh your space

The appearance of your business can make a huge impact on customers. The good news is, simple, low-cost changes to your space can make all the difference.

To start, clean the clutter and maximize your space. If you have a retail space, look at the flow of your store to see how customers interact. For established businesses, it’s possible you’ve been operating in the same space, in the same way for decades. But, with the spread of technology and changes in customer expectations, it’s critical to change with the times or be left in the dust. Rearranging your space or simplifying your brick-and-mortar store can change the perception of a customer in a positive way and even be the change that brings in new customers.


Revitalize your people

Employees are often the first touchpoint for customers and they send a message about your business. Are you giving them the tools for continued success?

Providing ongoing training and professional development opportunities can make a huge impact. It not only helps keep them motivated and energetic about your business, it can also teach them new skills that benefit you both.

Don’t forget first impressions are critical and the way they look can be impactful. A refresh in uniform can boost employee morale and help them look more professional, which can positively impact your customer’s impression of your business.

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