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The chamber started filming a digital media video series called AR Story to spotlight some of our region’s influential business men and women and small businesses that they’ve started that are impacting our area’s economy. AR Story is a unique platform that gives viewers a behind the scenes look at what it likes to be a small business owner, while at the same time giving the company more visibility through social media.

C Klear Vision Optique

Brandon talks to Dr. Celina Watson and her husband Kristopher, co-owners of C Klear Vision Optique. This husband and wife team is making Black history daily at their West Little Rock facility. “A Black optometrist isn’t something that I saw (growing up), so a part of what drove me there was to allow other youth to be able to see someone who looks like them in this position,” Dr. Watson says. Watch AR Story to find out how they balance being owners of a thriving healthcare business and parents of a two year old son, their company’s unique qualities and the legacy they want to leave behind.

Bear Fruit Direct Primary Care

Watch this episode of AR Story featuring doctors Lillian West, MD, and Caryn Pendleton, MD, owners of Bear Fruit Direct Primacy Care. In their practice they use an innovative business model -- patients pay a monthly membership fee instead of high insurance costs. Combined with a smaller number of patients, this allows them to provide efficient and more-affordable healthcare, direct physician access, and unlimited and unrushed visits to their patients.

Nexus Coffee + Creative

"Our why is community and our how is through coffee. And our purpose is to bring people together from all different backgrounds,” said Amy Counce, owner of Nexus Coffee & Creative. Watch AR Story to learn how Nexus has grown and expanded in less than three years, becoming a gathering place for millennials. And it's where Amy met her husband, Reed.


Synergy Saturday

Synergy Saturday received the 2019 Little Rock Regional Minority Business Support Organization of the Year award at MED Week. Watch AR Story to see how a tragic experience inspired Larry Freeman start a nonprofit to conduct free health screenings each Saturday in the River Market.


BOND.AI is a FinTech company that created an artificial intelligence platform for banks to help them enhance the financial health of their consumers. Watch this new AR Story episode to get Uday’s reaction on BOND.AI winning 2019 Little Rock Regional Minority-Owned Business of the Year award at MED Week.

Star of India

Star of India Restaurant & Bar won the 2019 Little Rock Regional Minority Legacy Business of the Year award. Watch this episode of AR Story to learn how Sami discovered his passion for cooking when he was only ten years old, and how it brought him from India to Germany to the United States.

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