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About Leadership Greater Little Rock

Leadership participants enjoy lively discussions.
INTERESTED IN APPLYING FOR LGLR? The application period for Class XXXIX is now open. 


Leadership Greater Little Rock is aimed at developing a network of competent leaders for present and future community needs. To meet this goal, LGLR seeks to:

  • Identify and motivate individuals with leadership potential
  • Acquaint them with community needs, challenges and opportunities
  • Offer a forum of exchange on methods for dealing with community issues
  • Challenge potential leaders to become involved with local issues and the decision-making process.


Established in 1985, Leadership Greater Little Rock seeks to develop community leaders by training and informing participants on a wide array of local public policy issues and concerns. In-depth training sessions focus on these issues, exploring their background, origin and present-day status. The program covers a full slate of topics, including government, the area’s economy, education, social services and much more. The sessions combine lectures, tours, dialogue and interaction between speakers and participants.


Leadership Greater Little Rock (LGLR) is a nine-month community leadership program committed to enhancing and connecting leaders from businesses, nonprofits and government. This unique program has empowered participants with a comprehensive understanding of our region’s challenges and opportunities. Each month (October – June), the class meets at a different central Arkansas location to explore topics through expert speakers, panelists, tours and group presentations. With very strict attendance guidelines, class members are allowed to miss no more than 16 hours (each session is considered 8 hours). Additionally, the 2-day retreat, held in October, is mandatory for participation in the class.

Contact:  Kellen Davis, Executive Director, Leadership Greater Little Rock, at 501.377.6012.                                                                      



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Ready to learn more about Leadership Greater Little Rock?

The application period for Class XXXIX is now open! Contact Kellen Davis, Executive Director, Leadership Greater Little Rock, at 501.377.6012.

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