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The team at Nexus Coffee & Creative is excited to announce the launch this year of their first ever Coffee Ecommerce Platform focused on sourcing, roasting and shipping quality coffee from across the world. Their priority is in working with generational coffee farmers and empowering their villages through fair trade and sustainable pay.

Sure, Little Rock has hundreds of miles of bike trails, but you shouldn't let that number intimidate you. There are still plenty of rides that are perfect for beginners. So, whether it's your first time on a bike in a while, or even if you're still riding with training wheels, these six trails will show you what riding in Little Rock is all about.

Sara Hurst of Bella’s Kitchen + Wellness, Lauren Anderson of Calm + Confidence Beekeeping, and Crystal Haner and Nicole Snow of Enova Cosmetics won cash prizes after delivering pitches for a panel of judges and an audience of excited supporters.

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