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Meeting new people. Looking for a job. Making potential business connections. It can be the best or worst part of being a “young professional.” Thankfully, there’s Create Little Rock to make your experience not only bearable, but a little fun too.

What is Create Little Rock?

Create Little Rock (CLR) is a young professionals organization for the Little Rock area. It aims to attract and develop young talent, such as yourself. Its board of directors is composed of active CLR members who plan events and oversee committee efforts. You only need one thing to submit your membership: an email address.   

What kinds of events do they host?

Yes, there are drinks and food, if that’s what you’re asking; CLR is all about fun and business. Monthly happy hours take members around the city while also providing opportunities to network with fellow young professionals. Speaking events connect members one-on-one to experienced and involved professionals in Little Rock. Baseball games, museum events, soccer matches and more get you out in the city to make new memories.

Who goes to these events?

People in their twenties and thirties (young), working in the central Arkansas area (professional) who love creative ways to get involved in their community. For those new to both Little Rock and the professional scene, there’s the annual summer program, Land in the Rock. Land in the Rock events are specifically targeted to interns, law clerks and those who have just moved to the area. Starting with a kick-off pizza party, Land in the Rock participants are introduced to each other, and the city, all summer long with activities like professional development lunches, baseball games and happy hours.

How does it benefit the community?

Glad you asked. CLR was created with the intention of bettering the community both for its residents and as a whole. Through programs such as Think Big Little Rock, Get on Board and PopUp in the Rock, it does just that.

  • Think Big Little Rock is a year-long strategic assessment and implementation process aimed at improving Little Rock’s overall quality of place and developing a community in which young people will want to live and work. 

  • Get On Board matches young professionals with nonprofit boards of directors in central Arkansas. This opportunity enhances resumes, gives first-hand insight into the board member experience and allows for networking within the industry. Several previous participants are asked to remain on board to serve the next generation of young professionals.

  • PopUp in The Rock is an annual joint project between CLR and studioMAIN, a nonprofit design collective. It isn’t a street fair or a block party. Rather, it’s a temporary urban demonstration – a live rendering – of what is possible. It determines specific needs and institute changes such as bike lanes, pop-up shops, dining pop-ups, and entertainment.

We know, we know, you’re convinced. You’re welcome. Learn even more and join Create Little Rock by clicking here.

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