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Alleviant Health Centers Expands their Headquarters in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (April 28, 2020) – After a nationwide search, Alleviant Health Centers decided to expand their headquarters in their hometown of Little Rock. An operator of mental health clinics across the United States, Alleviant provides a combination of traditional therapies and innovative, holistic methods for their patients. In addition to maintaining their corporate operations of 20 employees, the company will create 115 high-paying corporate jobs that includes 22 telebehavioral professionals. The corporate jobs include functions in finance, accounting, marketing, business development, human resources and legal.

“We are very excited to locate our national headquarters in Little Rock. Our company is here to serve patients in need of mental health services, referring providers that need their patients seen quickly and comprehensively, and Arkansans seeking excellent employment opportunities. We desire to quickly become the employer of choice in central Arkansas and we pride ourselves in creating healthcare structures tailored to fill real gaps in mental healthcare, like transitional care psychiatry.” said Brian Mears, founder and CEO of Alleviant.

Under his leadership, Alleviant is positioned to improve access to care across the United States, decrease overall health care costs, decrease opioid consumption, and resolve root causes leading to mental illness and chronic pain conditions.

“It’s important to keep homegrown companies at home, and I applaud everyone who worked so diligently for these jobs and investment,” said Governor Asa Hutchinson. “It’s always nice to know when competing against other states, Arkansas regularly comes out on top.”

Founded in 2017, Alleviant provides comprehensive psychiatric care, from counseling and medication management to innovative therapies like Ketamine Infusion Therapy, Nasal Ketamine, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). In addition, it provides telebehavioral health services. Alleviant has a growing network of clinics in six states, including multiple clinics in Arkansas.

“We are thankful to see a home-grown company decide to grow and expand their headquarters in Little Rock,” said Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. “Alleviant adds to our world-class healthcare industry, which I am most proud especially in times like these.”

“The economic momentum continues in Pulaski County and Little Rock,” said Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde. “We are thrilled Alleviant Health Centers is adding high-paying headquarter jobs in the county; our healthcare infrastructure provides a competitive advantage to attract companies like Alleviant and talent that Alleviant can recruit.”

“Alleviant’s expansion proves how an idea and entrepreneurial spirit can create a significant economic impact and jobs for Arkansans,” said Little Rock Regional Chamber’s Chairman Ronnie Dedman. “It’s why the chamber puts an emphasis on entrepreneurship development; founded just three years ago, Alleviant is now creating high-paying jobs.”

Additionally, Alleviant is much more than a typical mental health clinic. Patient-focused at the core, it serves the community by providing free workshops and seminars, training sessions and various resources to enrich the lives of community members and show them how to create optimal health by integrating mind, body and spirit. All mental health providers at Alleviant receive training in holistic psychiatry and take pride in being the active component of creating positive changes in mental health care across the country.

Interested candidates should click on following link: The careers page has an online application submission portal.


About Alleviant Health Centers

Alleviant’s vision is to lead the transformation of mental healthcare in the United States by offering innovative treatment models, to create healthcare structures that heal the whole person, and to become a resource of education, inspiration, and empowerment to people suffering from mood disorders and chronic pain. They are dedicated to shifting the focus of mental healthcare in the United States from medication-dependent care to a holistic integrated approach, addressing the whole person.


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