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Events: Small Business Impact Awards Presented by Stone Bank

Established by the Little Rock Regional Chamber in 2019, the Small Business Impact Awards, presented by Stone Bank, honor local businesses and organizations for their innovation, celebrate their vision and publicly appreciate their contributions to the quality of life in the community and at their place of work.

The Small Business Impact Awards immediately position finalists as leaders in their industry and community, and offer unparalleled opportunities to spotlight the organizations before an audience of business and civic leaders. Finalists receive extensive exposure leading up to the luncheon in May.  




  • Small Business of the Year Award - Apartment Hunters
    Awarded to a small business within the Little Rock region that exemplifies both business and civic leadership. Community involvement, management practices, and overall financial performance are the primary criteria for this category.
  • Small Business Owner 30 and Under of the Year Award - Kait Hill of Rock City Digital
    Awarded to a person 30 years of age or under who is the owner of a growing small business within the Little Rock region that has created market disruption to achieve success in their industry.
  • Community Impact of the Year Award - ACCESS Group, Inc.
    Awarded to a 501c3, founded and operated within the Little Rock region, that impacts the community through advocating, enabling and empowering an underserved, underrepresented or disaffected population in our area.
  • Health & Wellness Small Business of the Year Award - Gearhead Outfitters
    Awarded to a business within the Little Rock region that demonstrates service and exceptional leadership which have resulted in improving the health of the Little Rock regional community. Award winners serve as an example for others in the community by actively supporting the health and wellness of their employees and/or the community at large such as through initiatives that address poverty, nutrition or quality of life.
  • Sustainable Small Business of the Year Award - The Root Café
    Awarded to a small business that contributes to the environmental health of the Little Rock region through sustainable environmental practices such as the use of environmentally-friendly products, waste reduction, managing consumption of energy and non-renewables, recycling, toxic substances mitigation and/or LEED construction.

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Do I have to be a member of the Little Rock Regional Chamber to be nominated or apply for an award?
Good news! You don't have to be a member to be nominated or apply!

Can I find out who nominated my company?
Nominations are submitted online and, unfortunately, we keep that information private. But someone thinks your business is awesome; you should definitely apply!

Can I nominate my own company?
Yes, we encourage it!

What are the requirements to apply for a Small Business Impact Award?
Here are the requirements:

  • 250 employees or less
  • Locally owned and privately held in the Little Rock region. Check to see if you're located within the defined area here.

How are applications scored?
Applications are scored by a select group of business professionals in the Little Rock region. All applications are anonymous. This means we take all identifying information out of your application before the judges read them.

Need more information?

If you have questions about how the chamber can help your business or how you can get involved in growing our regional economy, drop us a line.