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Chamber Committees

Looking for a way to get more involved with the chamber to help grow our region? We're searching for some civic-minded members that want to make a difference by serving on action committees in the following areas:

Economic Development

This committee will be led by Ben France, VP of Economic Development, and will discuss economic development issues, make recommendations and assist the chamber economic development staff in executing the MetRock 2020 economic development plan to recruit new business, support existing business expansion and stimulate entrepreneurial activity across the region. Please note that service on this committee is limited to MetRock Now level chamber investors. 

Workforce Development & Education

This committee will be led by Kristi Barr, Director of Workforce Development and Education, and will focus on all issues related to education and workforce development. The group will use data to help inform the chamber's strategic work in this area and assist chamber staff in creating training opportunities that prepare individuals to meet the employment needs of regional businesses.

Small Business Growth

This committee will be led by Brandon Campbell, Director of Small Business & Inclusion. It will be a leading voice for issues affecting small businesses and, among other things, help the chamber select small business award winners, curate the chamber's new Equip Small Business series and generally work with the chamber to support and grow our region's small businesses.

Diversity and Inclusion

This committee will be led by Brandon Campbell, Director of Small Business & Inclusion. It will help shape the chamber's diversity and inclusion work. This community will have input on the chamber's Minority Enterprise Development programming and make recommendations on additional ways in which the chamber can elevate and advocate for increased diversity and inclusion across our region.

Public Policy

This committee will be led by Buckley O'Mell, VP of Advocacy, and will meet to discuss legislative and policy issues. The group will meet with more frequency when the state legislature is in session, but will focus on creating a business environment and community here in central Arkansas that leads to sustained growth and a more robust quality of life.

Chamber Membership

This committee will be led by James Reddish, Executive Vice President, and will focus on the chamber's core membership value proposition. This group will inform everything from chamber programming and communications to sales and events, ultimately making sure that the chamber is providing significant value for its members.


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