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A Message from the Chamber

The Little Rock Regional Chamber has served our city for more than 150 years. Over that time, our community has faced challenges that have come to define who we are and what our city stands for. Issues of race and injustice did not begin on May 25th with the killing of George Floyd. These issues have, unfortunately, arisen time and time again. While now is the time for listening, understanding and compassion, this moment also requires positive action and leadership to address injustice. It’s also time to act upon the inequalities that exist in our society today.

The chamber, business community, elected officials, faith leaders and other community organizations must be broadly committed to listening, learning and responding. We must ensure that all citizens feel welcome, have equal access to economic opportunity and, most importantly, equal justice that is the bedrock of our democratic society. Racism, inequity and injustice have no place in Little Rock.

Now is the time for all of us to put forth policy recommendations that correct systemic failures. Good ideas already exist that can be built upon. Improving public education, access to capital, community redevelopment and modern public safety practices demand our attention. The Little Rock Regional Chamber commits to working with all areas within our community to address these issues. Our common goal is for the Little Rock region to be a place where all have equal opportunity, justice and live without fear.

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