The Little Rock Region offers school choice among several outstanding public, charter, and private schools options.

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Traditional K-12 Public Education in Pulaski County

There are 43,288 students enrolled in Pulaski County's four public school districts.

The Little Rock School District is home to 20,135 students, located across 39 schools within the counties largest school district.

The Pulaski County Special School District has an enrollment of 11,265 students at their 26 school locations in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Maumelle, and College Station.

The North Little Rock School District currently serves 7,640 students across it's 14 school locations.

The Jacksonville North Pulaski School District is the newest school district in the county, having become an LEA in 2016. It currently serves 4,248 students across their network of 7 schools.

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Private schools

There are several options for students in Pulaski County to access private education from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. A complete list of known private schools published by the Arkansas Department of Education can be found here.

Adult Ed

Adult Education

Within Metro Little Rock, there are several opportunities for adult learners to increase their educational attainment and job readiness skills.

The Arkansas Division of Workforce Services has more than 15 locations that offer Adult Education services in the region.  Their programs include: GED testing, Job Readiness/WAGE for unemployed and underemployed adults, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for English language learners, and educational programming for incarcerated adults through the Arkansas Correctional School.

The Excel Center, operated by Goodwill Industries of Arkansas, also has a public charter school that serves adults over the age of 19 years old looking to earn their high school diploma.

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Public K-12 Charter Schools in Pulaski County

Pulaski County is home to several open-enrollment charter schools, a public charter school run by a governmental entity, an instutition of higher learning or a tax emept non-sectarian organization. View all open enrollment charter schools.

Pulaski County is also home to two district conversion charter schools, a public school converted into a public charter school that can only draw students from within the school district's boundaries.

View North Little Rock Center of Excellence - North Little Rock School District

View DRIVEN Virtual Academy - Pulaski County Special School District


Institutions of Higher Education

The Metro Little Rock region has several colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning, enrolling more than 60,000 students annually.

Two Year Public Colleges include: University of Arkansas Pulaski Tech and Southeast Arkansas Community College.

Four-Year Public Universities include: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, University of Arkansas Grantham, and University of Central Arkansas.

Private Colleges & University include: Arkansas Baptist College, Central Baptist College, Hendrix College, Philander Smith College, and Shorter College.

Other Higher Education Entities include: Criminal Justice Institute, University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).


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