Small Business Impact Awards

Established by the Little Rock Regional Chamber in 2019, the Small Business Impact Awards (SBIA) honor local businesses and organizations for their innovation, celebrate their vision and publicly appreciate their contributions to the quality of life in the community and at their place of work. The SBIA position finalists as leaders in their industry and community and offer unparalleled opportunities to spotlight the organizations before an audience of business and civic leaders. Finalists receive extensive exposure leading up to the award presentation.  

Join us on Thursday, May 9, at 11:30 a.m., to celebrate 15 outstanding small businesses and small business owners in the Little Rock region at the 2024 Small Business Impact Awards Lunch, presented by the Arkansas Small Business  and Technology Development Center (ASBDTC).


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SBIA 2023

Photos courtesy of Addison Jones

How It Works:

  • Nominations are accepted.

  • Nominated businesses are asked to fill out an application in order to become an official "SBIA Nominated Business."

  • Applicants complete their application. 

  • Applications are judged anonymously by a group of judges from the chamber's Small Business Growth Committee. 

  • Finalists are notified.

  • Finalists are announced.

  • Winners are announced at the Small Business Impact Awards.


SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: awarded to a small business within the Little Rock region that exemplifies both business and civic leadership. Community involvement, management practices and overall financial performance are the primary criteria for this category

WOMAN-OWNED BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: awarded to a small business within the Little Rock region that is 51% or more owned and operated by a woman and shows evidence of success as measured by sales and profits. It should demonstrate the entrepreneurial potential necessary for long-term business success and economic growth.

The LOVE LITTLE ROCK AWARD: awarded to a small business within the Little Rock region that actively contributes to quality of place and our community. This business regularly engages with other small businesses to create unique collaborations, donates time and resources to its community, and vocally champions Little Rock and its diverse population.

COMMUNITY IMPACT OF THE YEAR AWARD: awarded to a 501c3 nonprofit, founded and operated within the Little Rock region, that impacts the community through advocating, enabling and empowering an underserved, underrepresented or disadvantaged population in our area.

HEALTH & WELLNESS SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD: awarded to a small business within the Little Rock region that demonstrates service and exceptional leadership which have improved the health of the Little Rock regional community. Award winners serve as an example for others in the community by actively supporting the health and wellness of their employees and the community at large through initiatives that address poverty, nutrition or quality of life.

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