#LittleRockLoves Days of Service

Little Rock Loves recognizes and encourages business philanthropy in the Little Rock region. Businesses can range from small family businesses to large corporations.

Little Rock Loves

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Days of Service ECCI and Immerse Arkansas

"Serve the Rock was a great experience and ECCI plans on participating in the event every year. It reminds our team, that through service work, we create real connections and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards building a better community."

Julie McCallister  


"We met mission-minded people who care deeply about Little Rock and were ready to jump into the hard work. Serve the Rock brings together Little Rock's best intersection of people and elevates missions we can all get behind. "

Anna Lenzen  

   Immerse Arkansas

"Serve the Rock introduced AR Kids Read to several local businesses and individuals who were able to get more involved in our early literacy efforts. In addition, the engaged spirit of chamber members resulted in hundreds of books that were provided to local students."

Kathy French  

   AR Kids Read

Stacy Wilson

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